Beijing Olympics: Should Canada Go?

Beijing Olympics: Should Canada Go?

We’re about two weeks away from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in China. Relations between Canada and China are the worst they’ve ever been. China was not happy when the House of Commons declared “Genocide” over the treatment of the Uyghur minority in China.

There is also the “hostage diplomacy” of holding the two Michaels in prison on trumped up charges for three years in retaliation for the house arrest of Huawei exec, Meng Wanzhou. There have been threats and intimidation of Canadians on this soil for speaking up against the Chinese Communist Party. Add in a crackdown in Hong Kong, military intimidation of Taiwan, and the persecution of Tibetans and Uyghurs, and the Beijing Olympics become more than just a sporting event. In the face of all this Canada is sending its athletes, although it is standing with allies on a diplomatic boycott, a move China calls a farce.

Then there’s Covid of course. Its spreading across China and Chinese officials have threatened to move any athlete who tests positive from the Athletes Village to a government-run quarantine facility.

Canadians are paying attention. Recent polls show Canadians support a full boycott of the Games. Considering all that has transpired, should Canada send its athletes to the Games? It’s a complicated situation... 


Margaret McCuaig Johnston
Margaret McCuaig-Johnson
Senior Fellow in Institute of Science, Society and Policy @ University of Ottawa /
Canada China Forum Advisory Board Member /
Canadian International Council (NCR) Board Member