Unpublished.Cafe: 'Climate Change' in Canada's Federal Election

Unpublished.Cafe: 'Climate Change' in Canada's Federal Election

PUBLISHED: 07/07/2019

Will this be the federal election in Canada that sees the environment take centre stage?

Last fall, a dire warning for the world from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The aim now is to keep any temperature increase below 1.5 degrees, and predicting a massive $54 trillion impact on world economies according to Moody’s. On the Unpublished Cafe today we will hear from two parties about their climate change platform. 

The Federal New Democrats have taken the wraps off their plan which touts the creation of 300 thousand new jobs with a focus on clean energy. Mission Possible, the Green Climate Action Plan. It’s a 20-point plan that boosts greenhouse gas reduction more than any party in Canada as well as transitioning towards a clean energy economy. The federal election will be our focus as we look at policies and on this episode; climate change.