UO Podcast: #MeToo and It’s Impact on Canadian Politics

UO Podcast: #MeToo and It’s Impact on Canadian Politics

The #MeToo movement burst into our consciousness in late 2017 with the accusations against Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein and then actor, Kevin Spacey. Those seemed to spark an awakening or an end to hiding the past. Demonstrations and protests have sprouted up with the social media hashtags of #Metoo and #TimesUp. 

But, It's not just Hollywood that has been dragged in front of the mirror.  Media and politics--last week in Toronto at Queen's Park and this week in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. The list of names continues to grow with no sign of slowing down. The colours of the issue appear to be black and white, but when you peer a bit deeper, you noitice there are many shades of grey. We are going to hear more about Metoo and Time's up. 

UO Podcast Guests: 

1: Julie Lalonde, Women's Rights Advocate

Julie Lalonde is an educator of young people, social activist and advocate for women.

2: Sue Ann Levy, Post Media Journalist

Not every woman is on board with the movements.  Cries of "where's the due process" are coming from predominately men, but there are women who've had their #Metoo moments and feel this is going too far.  Sue Ann Levy from Post Media joins us to discuss.

3: Caroline Andrew, Director, Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa

Caroline Andrew is the Director of the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa. Caroline tells us more about the #MeToo movements impact on politics and politicians. 

Our next podcast will be recorded on March 7 and available for download on March 8, 2018. 


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