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College Ward is proving to be a microcosm of what is right and wrong with this election. In College Ward there are four candidates; the incumbent Rick... more
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
“Business” as Usual At City Hall? I decided about 3 years ago I was going to run for the position of Ward 5 City Councillor. In the time between then and now,... more
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
City Council
City of Ottawa Budget
Finally, a Political Slate! Jim Watson says he does not believe in a slate of candidates.  It’s a good thing others do – it’s made for some interesting... more
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
School Board Trustee Election
Adcance Polls
In Project Management there are knowns and unknowns. In the Risk Management of a project the known risks and unknown risks are considered into the mitigation... more
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
I have been fortunate that in Provincial elections I have a part of; the campaigning has been respectful while working to get our platforms and ‘attacks’ out... more
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
Published on Jun 26, 2014 Somerset Ward's municipal candidate Martin Canning and the New Ottawa team partner with local artists and the community to paint... more
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
Martin Canning
New Ottawa
Ottawa City Council
City of Ottawa
In the letter to the Minister responsible for Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Hon. Ted McMeekin, note in particular the following sections:   Improving Land... more
Ontario provincial policy
Land use
Environmental policy
wet lands
endangered species
bio diversity
Kathleen Wynne
Maybe it is the new math. Maybe I just don't get it. A quick search of flights to Paris shows that I can get a one way ticket, in business/first class Ottawa-... more
Federal Government
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Stephen Harper
I have been paying close attention to all the ward races in the upcoming 2014 municipal election. Specifically, On Rogers television, our community television... more
2014 Municipal election
Guy Annable
Ward 8
Ottawa City Hall
Ottawa City Council
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
The Forum of Ideas for Quebec, in I which I had the honor to participate, is another success achieved by the Quebec Liberal Party. It is rare to see a... more
Phillipe Couillard
Yasser Harrak
Allain Roussel
Nicole Menard
Since the end of the provincial election I have been asked to consider the possibility of submitting my name to run in Somerset for the fall Municipal Election... more
Ottawa Elections 2014
Somerset ward
Thomas McVeigh
2014 Municipal election
Ottawa City Council
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
I am having difficulty understanding much of the media and public response to the Gaza war. Much of the attention is directed to a comparison of Israeli and... more
Middle East policy
Middle East
This past January, I experienced a heartbreaking event while walking my dogs with a friend. I came across a young wolf caught by its hind leg in a snare, just... more
living with wildlife
Algonquin Park
The question I have seen in print lately is “Why would anyone want to lead the Ontario PC Party?” The media seems intent on assuming that Ontarians would... more
Ontario PC Party
Ontario Liberal Party
Working Family Coalition
Five months ago, Stephen Harper signed the longest weapons contract in Canada’s history with Saudi Arabia. The multibillion dollar sale of military equipment... more
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