Ontario is moving ahead with a first-of-its-kind mandatory provincial pension plan that would build... more
This past January, I experienced a heartbreaking event while walking my dogs with a friend. I came... more
Councilor Rick Chiarelli Chair, City of Ottawa Audit Committee Dear Mr. Chiarelli, A few weeks ago... more
  I am fighting a losing battle.  The trouble is, kids aren’t taught Latin in school anymore.  So... more
Open Letter to Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia As a teacher, parent, British Columbian... more
Hi Katherine, As I, and many like me, are screening candidates for council to best represent our... more
The question I have seen in print lately is “Why would anyone want to lead the Ontario PC Party?”... more
It’s been a busy few months on privacy issues here at OpenMedia. Our small team has been... more
July 18, 2014


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