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Dear Mr McGuinty and staff CBC Ottawa is reporting that the BMW car dealership wants to pave over forest on Ottawa International Airport. I am looking for your... more
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Ottawa South
Otto BMW dealership
climate emergency
Hello Ottawa South! Tomorrow is election day! I am running to be your next MPP, your community voice at Queen’s Park. I am committed to Ottawa South, and have... more
2013 Ottawa South by-election
Ottawa South
John Fraser
Ontario Liberals
An open riding is a gift for opposition parties. For Ontario voters, Christmas came in July when Kathleen Wynne called 5 By-Elections for Liberal held ridings... more
Ottawa South
London West
Scarborough Guildwood
Etobicoke Lakeshore
Windsor Tecumseh
Ontario PC
Dear Ottawa South voters, This summer's by-elections have been nothing short of extraordinary for the Green Party. What we have achieved in Ottawa South,... more
2013 Ottawa South by-election
Green Party
Taylor Howarth
Ottawa South
Dalton McGuinty
I had a conversation at a tenant BBQ in Ottawa Centre, the person lived in Ottawa South and would be voting in the By-election on August 1st. Asked if they... more
Ottawa South
Matt Young
PC Party of Ontario
My primary job as a councillor's assistant became working on planning and environment files because three of the communities in Capital Ward were being... more
Ottawa South
City of Ottawa
Bill Teron