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Once again, the Progressive Conservative Premier of Ontario Doug Ford has demonstrated an ego-driven approach to forming public policy and shaping even... more
Based on the data and criteria set by the Scientific Roundtable established by Ford, Ontario is opening up too soon. Not surprising that Toronto and Peel... more
February 20, 2021
Traditionally the conservative movement has always been one of accountable government and respect for the rule of law. Since the Ford Government took power in... more
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Caroline Mulroney
Crown Liability and Proceedings Act
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Lisa Macleod
I am emailing you as a concerned citizen in Ontario. Ontario has been observing Daylight Saving Time ("DST") in Ontario for many decades, which is legislated... more
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  Liberals in Red Trudeau and Wynne are fading away, on Election Day 81% here, want Wynne to go away Don’t touch the hard drives Everyone knows Hydro rates are... more
Ontario PC Party
Kathleen Wynne
Justin Trudeau