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This week Rideau-Goulbourn (to be renamed Rideau-Jock) Ward Councillor Scott Moffat announced he would not be running for re-election in next years Ottawa... more
Scott Moffatt
Tim Tierney
Jim Watson
Alan Hubley
Keith Egli
Mathieu Fleury
The words “budget” and “public consultation” may evoke suppressed memories of uncomfortable folding chairs, stale muffins and cold coffee. More worrisome,... more
2015 Municipal Budget
Ottawa City Council
City of Ottawa
Tobi Nussbaum
Catherine McKenney
Jeff Leiper
Mathieu Fleury
David Chernushenko
Here are eight more endorsements that were not easy but still not the hardest. The wards covered in this post include both incumbent wards and open wards.  I’... more
2014 Ottawa Municipal Election
Blake Batson
Marianne Wilkinson
Laura Dudas
Katherine Hobbs
Martin Canning
Mathieu Fleury
Matt Muirhead
Susan Sherring
Jean Johnston-McKitterick
Clinton Cowan
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