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On September 15th, I had the privilege of attending a "Mini Event" one-day conference hosted by Humane Canada, on the subject of "The Impacts of Climate Change... more
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The City of Ottawa has investments in large oil, gas and coal companies.  Around the globe, fossil fuels are inevitably being replaced by cleaner renewable... more
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I know that this is the Borowitz's style of satire coming through, but it is pointless to talk down to the "unconverted" humans on our planet, even in jest. I... more
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In spite of raising awareness about global warming, the climate movement of the last few decades has faltered in its attempts to influence world governments to... more
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Today is Earth Day! Please take a minute to watch this video of Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer talking about their involvement in planning the world's first ever... more
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This post is adapted from Maggie Fox’s blog article entitled More Certain Than Ever. Maggie Fox is the CEO of the Climate Reality Project and a blogger. The ... more
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This post provides a great backdrop for the gathering of close to one thousand people dedicated to climate change activism. The video provides a summary of 23... more
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Invitation to Do The Math on Climate Change Dear Ottawa residents, “Do The Math” is a 42-minute documentary about the rising movement in the United States to... more
July 9, 2013
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