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Getting public consultation right continues to frustrate governing bodies in Ottawa no matter who it is that is conducting the public consultation. Whether it’... more
Ottawa Civic Hospital at Central Experimental Farm
Civic Hospital
John Baird
Experimental Farm
City of Ottawa
Federal Government of Canada
Province of Ontario
Canadians hoping the Harper government’s “war on science” is at last ended – or at least put on hold for the period of the federal election campaign – will be... more
Elections 2015
Harper's war on science
Government library closings
Closing of Federal libraries
Stephen Harper
Conservative Party of Canada
Federal Government of Canada
Canada Elections 2015
2015 Federal Election
Canadian Federal Election 2015
Dear Mayor Watson: The members of the Federation have directed me to again write on their behalf. As you may recall, I wrote on January 20 requesting City... more
Canada Post
Community mailboxes
Mayor Jim Watson
Ottawa City Council
Federation of Citizens Associations of Ottawa
City of Ottawa
Federal Government of Canada
Election 2015
Dear Mr Godin,   Several years ago you indicated to me that the NDP had no interest in proposing that the EI premiums levied on full time post secondary... more
EI Premiums
post-secondary education
tax refund
Yvon Godin
Thomas Muclair
Federal Government of Canada
Dear Canadians, Good decisions need good numbers. Today, MPs will be debating Bill C-626 that proposes to amend the Statistics Act in order to reinstate the... more
Bill C-626
Long form census
Evidence for Democracy
Federal Government of Canada
Statistics Canada
In his March 11th rant, Rick Mercer takes on the issue of MPs lying to the House of Commons: The very worst thing that anyone can do in the House of Commons... more
Rick Mercer
Brad Butt
Conduct of MPs
House of Commons
Federal Government of Canada
Conservative Party
Dear Sir, I want Bill C-518 passed. I understand that you, John Williamson, a Conservative MP from New Brunswick, have introduced Bill C-518, a private members... more
Bill C-518
MP pensions
John Williamson
Conservative Party of Canada
Senate scandal
Federal Government of Canada
Dear Canadians, Our Royal Canadian Legions and other noble veteran groups across Canada are frustrated while doing their best against the federal government... more
Inefficient Dominion Commands
Royal Canadian Legions
Veteran Affairs
Federal Government of Canada
Canadian Armed Forces