Edward Farnworth | December 17, 2018 | in Rant
  The Ontario PC Government recently introduced Bill 66, the Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act. Part of the Bill would allow municipalities to create “open for business” zoning bylaws. The bill will allow municipalities to bypass numerous existing pieces of legislation including The Greenbelt Act, which protects a large swath of land in... More
Morgan Duchesney | June 17, 2018 | in Op-Ed
I’m sure Brian Mulroney will appreciate Fen Hampson’s recent Ottawa Citizen article praising Mulroney’s quiet role in the first so-called Gulf War. This is especially true since the former prime minister is currently attempting to reinvent himself with projects like the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government at St. Francis Xavier University.... More
Unpublished Admin | June 7, 2018 | in Announcement
Ottawa, June 7—The birth of Direct Democracy in Canada is taking place today with the launch of Unpublished.vote, a voting tool and forum dedicated to empowering Canadians to become better informed on the issues that affect them, and to express their point of view on individual issues as they enter the collective consciousness. Unpublished.vote is... More
[Learn more about your local community and Green Party candidate James O'Grady at jamesogrady.ca]  Dear fellow Nepean residents,  My name is James O’Grady. I am the Green Party of Ontario candidate in Nepean, my home for the better part of 48 years. In 2010, I ran for Ottawa City Council in Ward 9: Knoxdale-Merivale where I finished second out of... More

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Official Israeli Discrimination Enhanced by New Law The Jewish citizens of Israel recently gained an enhanced measure of official dominance over Palestinian... more
Palestine / Israel
Stephen Harper
Benjamin Netanyahu
Middle East
By William H. McRaven Dear Mr. President: Former CIA director John Brennan, whose security clearance you revoked on Wednesday, is one of the finest public... more
President Donald Trump
US President
Donald Trump
William H. McRaven
security clearance
In the first of series of posts on the 24 election races that will be decided on October 22nd.   I looked at races in Orleans, College, Beacon Hill-Cyrville,... more
2018 Municipal Election
Ottawa 2018 Elections
Innes ward
Barrhaven Ward
West Carleton-March Ward
Stittsville Ward
On Wednesday, August 8, the Municipality of Pontiac held a public consultation regarding plans to adopt a bylaw that would allow new construction inside... more
Gatineau Park
Residential Development
Municipality of Pontiac
New Zoning
What scares me is how easy it is to rig investment systems. Your retirement, your family's security, and your grandchildren's prosperity is being cheated, by... more
larry elford
This study examines the extent to which separatism in South Sudan led the failure of the state and its institutions and aims to draw lessons from this... more
South Sudan
The legal report referenced in this article is just so well done.  I must applaud everything about it. It also demonstrates how EASY IT IS to FOOL ALL OF THE... more
larry elford
Ontario – Canada – We, a group of Saudi students in Canada have convened and agreed to form a “Coordination Committee For Saudi Students in Canada” for the... more
Saudi Arabia
International Students
Human Rights
Foreign Affairs
By David Coletto Last week we conducted a survey of over 900 adult residents of Toronto for the Broadbent Institute and Progress Toronto to gauge the reaction... more
City Council
Premier Doug Ford
PC Government
Abacus Data
Well the slate of candidates for the Ottawa Municipal Election in October 2018 is now set. I am proud to say I have submitted my name to again run for... more
Before Canada can be a leader in international anti-money-laundering, we have to obey the Bank of Canada ACT and stop paying an average of $30 Billion a year... more
Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada ACT
Public Bank
Private Banks
money laundering
Nominations have closed across Ontario for Municipal Elections on October 22nd.  In Ottawa there were a few more names added to the list of candidates vying to... more
Ottawa 2018 Elections
After eight years away from City Hall, I returned to watch the debate over the three record heights proposed for buildings close to the new transit stop in... more
City of Ottawa
Ottawa City Council
Clive Doucet
Ottawa Citizen
On June 19, Ottawans woke up to some bad news. Ford had just gutted the GreenON program, the province’s program for helping people save money on energy through... more
climate change
Ottawa City Council
Conservative political pundit and talk show host Tasha Kheiriddin stated in a CBC social media live chat this evening, that she believes the move by Premier... more
Doug Ford
Ontario PC
Tasha Kheiriddin