Rob Dekker | August 30, 2017 | in Blog Post
On the heels of the success of the BC Greens holding the balance of power and working with the BC NDP Party to take Christy Clark out of the Premiers’ office, Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner is talking about looking for their number 1, their first elected MPP.   Schreiner was selected as the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) leader in 2009,... More
Adam Smith | August 1, 2017 | in Open
TO: The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada The Honourable Bill Morneau, P.C., Minister of Finance Mr. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, M.P., House of Commons   Dear Prime Minister, Minister, and Mr. Erskine-Smith, Last year an e-petition was submitted to the government requesting the Bank of Canada fulfill its stated... More
(Nepean, ON) - The Green Party of Ontario is pleased to announce James O'Grady has been nominated to represent the Green Party in the next Ontario provincial election in the new riding of Nepean, in the Greater Ottawa Area.   Mr. O'Grady grew up in Nepean and continues to reside at his family home in the community of Trend-Arlington. He is a... More
Mike Schreiner | May 27, 2017 | in Comment
The outcome of the BC election is a game changer for BC and Canada.  People want a new way of doing politics. The BC Greens delivered.  I'm so proud of the positive campaign the BC Greens ran in the face of intense negative attacks. Andrew Weaver made it clear that he would bring a spirit of cooperation and collaboration to the Legislature when he... More

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I'm sick and tired of people claiming to be digital marketers and taking advantage of business owners. Digital marketing can be a very effective way of... more
whole foods
digital marketing
marketing news
    June 8, 2017 Madam Justice Beverly McLaughlin Supreme Court of Canada 301 Wellington St,  Ottawa, ON  K1A 0J1 Dear Justice Beverly McLaughlin, I write to... more
larry elford
parliamentary testimony
Policing's Bad Apples: When The Rot Eats Through The Barrel The absolute cause of 2016 being the most violent year for Ottawa in recent history will remain... more
Ottawa police
Canadian law
Chief Bordeleau
Ottawa Police Services Board
Led by Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States –except Kuwait and Oman- and Egypt severed diplomatic ties with Qatar based on its support of terrorism. Qatar has become... more
Saudi Arabia
Bin Baz
Ben Laden
Donald Trump
As many of you know, I'll be travelling quite a bit next year as I work on my new research project. I cordially invite you to my farewell show at Bar Robo (692... more
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“Cheque day” is the only day of the month that rules some families and is completely irrelevant or unknown to others. If you don’t count the days till cheque... more
Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Police
Last week we learned about the abuse of power inside the Ontario PC Party when leader Patrick Brown approved the nomination of candidates whose nominations... more
Abuse of Power
Patrick Brown
Jan Harder
Ontario PC Party
Ottawa City Hall
John Moser
Jeff Leiper
James O'Grady
Kathleen Wynne
Jim Watson
Green Party of Ontario
Ottawa – Mayor Jim Watson and Capital Ward Councillor David Chernushenko joined members of the community and the Ottawa East Community Association today to... more
City of Ottawa
Old Ottawa East
Main Street
Safer Roads Ottawa
Complete Streets
By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto For the last few years, there have been clear signals that Canada’s newspaper industry is struggling and some newspapers... more
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Public Opinion Poll
Canadian media
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TORONTO – The parents of several autistic kids will be rallying at Minister Children and Youth Services Michael Coteau’s constituency office on Friday, June... more
Kathleen Wynne
Autism Policy
Autism Press Release
Michael Coteau
Ontario Autism Program
You got to get there about a half hour early, if you want a parking spot. If you want a comfortable spot to sit and wait, I imagine you must have to be one of... more
Smiths Falls Police
Smiths Falls
In recent years, the Canadian public has been witnessing the long roll out of police corruption (corruption being any pursuit for personal gain and... more
Ottawa police
Ottawa Policing
Re: Liberal government promises extra $62B for military over next 20 years (June 7) Canada's official development assistance was down by 4.4 per cent in 2016... more
                          WHAT MATTERS MOST I have had the good fortune to participate in two seminars run by the Jungian analyst, James Hollis, Ph.D.: the... more
It feels like a movie sometimes, but it’s happening in real life. My life. I’m facing ten years in jail and a $75-million dollar lawsuit and I’m not even... more
Smiths Falls Police
Smiths Falls