Ottawa Liberals fight to protect 30% off Tuition Grant

Ottawa Liberals fight to protect 30% off Tuition Grant
Posted on May 29, 2014 | Bob Chiarelli | Written on May 29, 2014
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Author's Note:

Commit to stop Hudak’s tax on the middle class

Ottawa-area Liberal candidates spoke out today on behalf of families and students against Tim Hudak’s 30% tuition hike.

In addition to firing 100,000 public sector workers, Tim Hudak’s plan will axe the 30% off Tuition Credit, a program that has already helped 230,000 students and their families.  Cutting this program means students from low- and middle-income families will be paying $1780 more per year for university and $820 more on their college tuition.

To ensure that Ontario can compete in this global economy, we need to maintain our competitive edge when it comes to our skilled workforce.  That’s why it is essential that young people from all background can access post-secondary education—the 30% Off Tuition Grant goes a long way towards ensuring they can.  Tim Hudak’s tuition hike is short sighted and will end up hurting the economy in the long run.


“Ontario Liberals have a record of investing in our education system and we will not balance the budget on the backs of hardworking Ontarians.”

  • Candidate John Fraser, Ottawa South

“Tim Hudak’s reckless scheme will mean middle class families will have to pay more for post-secondary studies, for Algonquin College students here in Ottawa, this will mean they are forced to pay $820 more per year in tuition.” 

  • Candidate Bob Chiarelli, Ottawa West-Nepean

“The Hudak plan to increase tuition is just one example of how their cuts will hurt middle class families.  We have a strong plan to invest in education and training in Ontario.” 

  • Candidate Marie-France Lalonde, Ottawa-Orléans

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