Community hockey hero slight raises questions of accountability at City Hall

Community hockey hero slight raises questions of accountability at City Hall
Posted on May 21, 2014 | James O'Grady | Written on May 20, 2014
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Its hard to imagine how the City of Ottawa could possibly confuse Ottawa's Jack Purcell, a local hockey volunteer who helped kids play hockey in Ottawa, and who has a recreational centre named after him, with a badminton professional who lived in Guelph, Ontario. But, that's exactly what has happened, the CBC reported Tuesday.

Shoddy research by a consultant lead to the mistake. Google instead of the City's archives was used Councillor Diane Holmes suggested.

Never mind how this project could have made it into production without the error being discovered, when the City did discover its mistake, it didn't cancel the 'badminton raquets' it had commissioned. No, instead of creating a new sculpture to commerate Jack Purcell of Ottawa, the City decided to modify its commissioned 'badminton raquets' sculpture. Removing the 'strings' so that the scupture now looks like a series of giant blow sticks like the ones kids use to blow bubbles into the air. And, while that may be a unique kind of sculpture, it still has nothing to do with the real Ottawa, Jack Purcell.

What is going on in the City of Ottawa? How can an error of such gross ignorance be made by the City (Mayor and Staff) at any time, especially in an election year no less?

Does the City of Ottawa not follow 'best practices' in its operations? Who was responsible for fact checking on this project? Do Staff not review work completed by consultants? This error should have been picked up long before the project made it into production.  How this kind of mistake could happen is beyond me.

Is there no accountability downtown at all?

Equally disturbing is the fact that there is only one challenger for the position of Mayor of Ottawa in the upcoming election this October, Mike Maguire. How can that be with such an obvious lack of leadership at City Hall?

Something is amiss.

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