Funding Secured to Protect Ottawa River

Funding Secured to Protect Ottawa River
Posted on May 2, 2014 | Bob Chiarelli | Written on May 2, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

On Friday, Ontario Liberal MPPs Madeleine Meilleur, Bob Chiarelli, Yasir Naqvi, Phil McNeely, Grant Crack and John Fraser identified the Ottawa River Action Plan as a core infrastructure priority for the National Capital Region.

Ontario Liberal MPPs deliver Ottawa River Action Plan Funding

Ontario Liberal MPPs Madeleine Meilleur, Bob Chiarelli, Yasir Naqvi, Phil McNeely, Grant Crack and John Fraser built on their strong record of delivering for the National Capital Region as part of the 2014 Provincial Budget.

During Ontario’s pre-budget consultations, the City of Ottawa requested one third funding commitment from the federal and provincial governments. Released yesterday, the Ontario Liberal Budget singled out the Ottawa River Action Plan (ORAP) as a core infrastructure priority for the province. Ottawa’s local MPPs have secured funding to begin this year (2014-15) and cover the Provincial funding request. An additional $65 million will be required from the Federal Government to ensure that project work can begin later this year.

The ORAP maintains a healthy aquatic ecosystem, increase recreational use and reduce stormwater impacts on the Ottawa River. Consisting of 17 individual projects, including the Combined Sewer Storage Tunnel, ORAP is estimated to require up to 4 years of construction before completion.

Quotes from participants:

“The City of Ottawa is very pleased that the Government of Ontario has committed to a continued partnership on the Ottawa River Action Plan. We have already reduced sewage overflows by 80 per cent, and together we will finish the job. A clean Ottawa River is a priceless gift that we will pass on future generations.”
– Mayor Jim Watson, Mayor of the City of Ottawa

“The Ottawa River is a vital part of our city, and I thank the City of Ottawa for demonstrating tremendous leadership on this issue. Strong action on their part and that of the Province is delivering positive results.”
-- Madeleine Meilleur, MPP Ottawa-Vanier

“I want to thank The Ottawa River Keeper and Ecology Ottawa for their leadership on this issue. The Ottawa River Action Plan will build on our commitment to protect the environment and preserving the Ottawa River for future generations.” -- Bob Chiarelli, MPP Ottawa West-Nepean

“The Ottawa River defines our city. Keeping it clean means a healthier community and a vibrant Ottawa. Our government's investment in the Ottawa River Action Plan builds on our relentless focus on public transit, cycling infrastructure, and the elimination of dirty coal to ensure a sustainable and prosperous quality of life.”
-- Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa Centre

“Environmental issues have always been a priority for me. It is quite possibly the last initiative I have the pleasure of advocating for is the Ottawa River Action Plan. Once completed, the large amounts of effluent now being dumped directly into our precious river will be stored and treated.”
-- Phil McNeely, MPP Ottawa-Orléans

"Our beautiful riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell shares many things with Ottawa; its residents, roads, communities, institutions, economies. It also shares a common boundary on its north side. The flowing water of the Ottawa River. This is why the Ottawa River Action Plan is important to all my constituents. Clean water for Ottawa means clean water for GPR." -- Grant Crack, MPP Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

“The Ontario Liberal Government and the City of Ottawa are committed to the Ottawa River Action Plan to preserve our waterfront for future generations. We hope the Federal Government will join with us to support this vital initiative.”
– John Fraser, MPP Ottawa South


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