Bill C-23: The Un-Fair Elections Act

Bill C-23: The Un-Fair Elections Act
Posted on May 2, 2014 | Michael Mailman | Written on May 2, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The state of Canada's Democracy scares me. We are quickly and quietly becoming an Oligarchy with the consent of those who still believe we live in a Democracy.

To all Conservative Members of Parliament,

As a 29 year old Canadian, only now am I beginning to understand the importance of Voting. It seems perfectly clear to me by looking at the facts, we must educate Canadians on not only their right, but the need for them to voice opinions. If of course we plan to continue on with Democracy.

Do you(each individual MP) support Democracy? If so, please explain(briefly or in full) what you have personally done to ensure(at least one action, anything you can show evidence of) to support Democracy and encourage voter turn out at the polls during your election.

Please discuss within your party, the Robo Fraud calls of the 2011 election. Canadians deserve the right to seek justice and accountability for those involved. Where do you(each individual MP) stand when it comes to seeking accountability for discouraging public voting, should the individuals, groups involved be brought to justice?

Please(each individual MP) explain(briefly or in full) how it could seem reasonable to make a change to the electoral process without a full referendum?

The actions being taken by you, the Conservative Party with bill C-23 may inevitably cause civil unrest and rioting by concerned Canadian. This may not happen immediately as far too many Canadians are ignorant to the Canadian politics, however in time(despite efforts against) we are educating ourselves.

This is meant as a friendly reminder(as I was taught in school, please correct me if I am wrong) that as a tax-paying member of the Canadian economy, MP's work for me. With all due respect, your responses are required and neglect of duty by any individual on this list will be brought to the attention of the public in your riding. Specifically tax-payers who contribute the most. Gross misuse of public funds are not going unnoticed.

Please direct your individual responses to this email( or to the physical address listed below. I respectfully request/require a response from each individual receiving this email within thirty business day.

Thank you for your attention and prompt response to this urgent matter.

Michael Grant Mailman
April 22, 1985
P.O. Box 1626
Stonewall Manitoba
Canada R0C 2Z0

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Thank you for sharing your letter Michael. Please post any responses you receive if and when you hear back.