Ottawa The Great City #2

Ottawa The Great City #2
Posted on April 24, 2014 | Shawn Gilmore | Written on April 24, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

I'm new to downtown life- not new to this city. What an eye-opener.

Who is responsible for Rideau Street? Councillor Mathieu Fleury, that is who. Well this is a call to YOU Mathieu. This is your challenge Councillor. Time to rise above.

Clean it up. This is a direct reflection of your own house keeping habits and as of now, it's filthy. Let's get specific- I'm referring to Rideau St. between Waller and Dalhouise. It is almost anarchy out there! It's sickening to see the drunks harassing pedestrians, or passed out in doorways in their own vomit, cars parked on the sidewalk in front of the tattoo and head shop, where the hell is the police presence? Where are you? Maybe it's just easier to pull over and ticket my 79 year old Mother in Bell's Corners because her licence plate has some rust on it.

Directly from the City of Ottawa web page: "Council approves community’s vision for Rideau Street."

“We want Rideau Street to be a world-class, cosmopolitan ‘high street’ in the heart of the city,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “We are eager to work with local business and residents to create a rich mix of urban activities and cultural expression that will strengthen the vibrant character of the street and appeal to people of all ages.” Posted on August 25, 2011.

Really? Have you seen Rideau st. lately? Is this their vision? What a complete joke.

Mathieu Fleury(613) 580-2482.

Priorities: (as identified on HIS website)

Safety and Security
•Promote crime prevention programs in the community
•Ensure By-Laws are effective in improving quality of life for residents


•Build a responsible community
•Promote sustainable choices
•Encourage innovative ecological initiatives

Why is there so much garbage and few garbage cans? Clearly, most do not give a damn.


•Create a city focused on encouraging alternative means of transportation
•Provide residents with comprehensive pedestrian and cycling networks

Transport trucks continue to careen the tight corner from Nicholas onto Rideau without warning and with no pedestrian barricades. No wonder there are accidents and fatalities. Tourists and others cross the road simply because they can. Fix this.


Rideau-Vanier Ward Initiative

•Promote diversity and vibrancy in the By Ward Market


Vagrants, beggars and drunks.

On a POSITIVE note to this rant:
For those NIMBY's (Not In My Backyard: means residents who may favour some form of development but not in their particular neighbourhood), the recent construction and development of the 4x 23 floor high-rise condos by Claridge Homes has brought a sense of sanity to the area in question. These owners bring with them pride of ownership and stability. These people for the most part care about the their surroundings and care about their community. They do not throw garbage on the ground, they don't park on the sidewalk, they support local merchants, they conform to the rules of society as opposed to leaching off those around them.

Councillor Fleury, please pay attention to this area before it gets worse. Please do not ignore the clear signs appearing of abandonment by the City. Remember: You... "want Rideau Street to be a world-class, cosmopolitan ‘high street’ in the heart of the city”.

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