Prince of Wales bridge gates

Prince of Wales bridge gates
Posted on August 16, 2016 | Jeff Leiper | Written on August 14, 2016
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Last April, Councillor Catherine McKenney and I were informed that the City is required to permanently block off access to the Prince of Wales bridge.

The bridge is a popular cycling and pedestrian route, and offers spectacular views of the sunsets and river. Federal regulations require that it be secured, and the City is preparing plans for large gates to block access.

Catherine and I objected in very strong terms, but in June we were told that the City's legal staff have told them they must proceed. It looks like the project will cost at least $125,000, and more likely right now over $250,000.

I believe very strongly that it is money better spent on the things Kitchissippi residents have been asking for. Traffic calming and cycling improvements come to mind, and we know those requests are persistent across the city.

I believe that current enforcement efforts and the less substantial fencing now in place are sufficient to protect against injury by people trespassing and using the bridge.

Since becoming public, I've been grateful to see public opposition to proceeding with the current plan. We'll persist with staff in trying to reverse this decision, bolstered by your notes to our offices.


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