Pierre Poilievre attacks the messenger because he can't attack the message

Pierre Poilievre attacks the messenger because he can't attack the message
Posted on April 9, 2014 | Qais GHANEM | Written on April 9, 2014
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Canadians are getting used to the tactics of Mr. Harper's team-of-total-control. They are no longer surprised by the persistent practice of badmouthing the messenger, whenever they are unable to shoot the message.

For here we have two highly qualified, highly respected non-partisan technocrats pointing out the blatant weaknesses of a bill championed by a young inexperienced control-bent Minister. Marc Maynard, Chief Electoral Officer of our country, felt that it was his duty and responsibility to point out the multiple (five) deficiencies of Bill C-23. A major one, from his point of view, is the potential infringement on the independence of his office. He therefore pleaded with the Senate to carefully review these issues.

The other independent respected witness, with a long track record, and no axe to grind, is former auditor general, Sheila Fraser, who also expressed concern that Poilievre's bill would limit the independence of the chief electoral officer, by muzzling him. Instead of paying attention to such advice, this minister of this arrogant control-freak government, which gained a majority with 39% of the popular vote, goes on the usual offensive against the messenger, and accuses Marc Mayrand of "wanting more power and less accountability".

Pierre Poilievre, a master orator himself, couldn't have chosen better words to precisely describe what this government wants to achieve with this bill. I don't think Canadians are going to let him get away with it - not this time, not in 2015!

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I doubt anyone has a problem with Marc Maynard doing his job. What people have a problem with is Pierre Poilievre forcing a very partisan bill down Canadians throats without making any changes.

So many highly qualified people, as well as average Canadians like you and me, have complained about the biased nature of the so called "Fair Elections Act".

If Mr. Poilievre thought he could pull a Republican bully scam on the Canadian public, he's got another thing coming. Canadians are not Americans. We may be modest but we're not ignorant, we're not easily scared or bullied and we know a lie when we hear one.


A lot of the blame lies with the Nepean—Carleton district who keep electing Pierre Poilievre. Obviously the majority of people who live in Nepean-Carleton agree with Poilievre's vision of Canada.

Nepean-Carleton is primarily 'Carleton County' and only a little bit of 'Nepean'. Carleton is a rural area and has always been very conservative. However, because the riding is being reconfigured for the next election, Poilievre will no longer be representing 'Nepean' after 2015. Instead, he is going to run in the much safer new riding that will encompass most of Carleton County (I don't know the name off hand). Instead, John Baird is going to move south, out of the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean and into the new riding of 'Nepean' where he may very well find himself on the left-side of the Liberal Party candidate, if the leading Liberal nomination candidate, an Airforce Brigadier-General, wins the Liberal Party nomination.

Bruce Behrhorst

As I've stated on Proportioned Voting sites.
Why is the onus on the voter to present ID when the gov't is asking for the voter's input on ballot? The gov't already has every voter's pic and data.
Why would the voter need to bring ID to the polling station to vote in the first place? Besides the CONS are fading fast I doubt they would intentionally want to lose their majoritarian spell on governance but this is in fact what's happening like the fairy tale Cinderella's spell which faded at the stroke of midnight.

I agree with you. I think Harper's team of control freaks have misread the determination of Canadians to preserve their democracy. 2015 will hopefully give them the shock they need.