Pierre Poilievre: "I don't agree with them"

Pierre Poilievre: "I don't agree with them"
Posted on March 28, 2014 | Qais GHANEM | Written on March 28, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Government arrogance

The recognized non-partisan experts keep telling us one thing. But, our very partisan politicians keep telling us that they don't believe the experts - just like that! What is it about power, which blinds those who have it, that make them believe that they, and they alone know what is right for the country?

Harry Neufeld is the former British Columbia chief electoral officer is one of five non-partisan experts in the electoral process who advised significant changes to the proposed so-called Fair Voting Bill C23. The papers say that he has 33 years experience in the field. Yesterday he is reported to have said just over half a million Canadian voters - actually 520,000 - would be hurt by this proposed legislation. He explained how and why.

His report was apparently credible, because the minister who is trying to ram C-23 down our throats has been "selectively reading and quoting" from it! But, Mr. Pierre Poilievre has also been ignoring the recommendations. We heard this from the horse's mouth. The Minister dismissed these carefully constructed recommendations with the following words: "I don't agree with them, and that's why they're not in the bill." It is sometimes admirable and courageous to disagree with widely held dogma. I often do that, myself. But this decision by this very young and inexperienced minister may dis-enfranchise 520,000 Canadians who generally do not traditionally vote Conservative. That might make the difference between the life and demise of this government.

And there you have it! They say power corrupts! I wouldn't know. I have never tasted power.

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Dave Rushton

This is a great snapshot of a discouraging political reality. We deserve statesmanship from our politicians. What we've got here is crass, self-serving partisan politics that attacks the very fabric of our suffering democracy.

John MacDonald

The Harper government never lets facts impede its formulation of policy. The Un"Fair Elections Act" is a blatant attempt to subvert Canada's democracy to try to ensure CPC's success in the next federal election. Abhorrent, frightening, unethical are words that immediately come to mind whenever I think about the government we now have in power. We must do our best to stop the Un"Fair Elections Act", as it is now currently written, from becoming law and in defeating this government in 2015.

Very good point Dr. Ghanem. Governments need to heed the advice of industry experts and base their decisions on facts, not partisan, political philosophy. Which is what Poilievre has done here.

Frank Farrell

In Harperland there is only One expert: PMSH, with PP roosting on his shoulder. If only a few members of the Conservative Caucus could find their spines, .... Brent Rathgeber found his.