Disdain for the Rule of Law

Disdain for the Rule of Law
Posted on March 22, 2014 | Qais GHANEM | Written on March 22, 2014
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Author's Note:

The current state of the nation

SCSC = Stop Complaining – Start Contributing: Disdain for the rule of law

For many years, I heard my late lawyer brother state, repeatedly, that the one thing that distinguishes civilized democratic countries from banana republics and Middle Eastern dictatorships was the rule of law. He had a Ph D from the University of London, England.
I never appreciated the profoundness of that statement then. I do now. For, what is the use of a democratic voting system if it can be circumvented by manipulating the law? The lesson came home this week as I followed the story of Stephen Harper and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Headstrong Harper tried, in the words of the Toronto Star, in an arrogant bid to throw the Constitution to the wind, to name Justice Marc Nadon to a seat on the country’s highest court that he wasn’t eligible to occupy. Fortunately for us Canadians, the composition of the highest court in the land is jealously protected by the constitution, from the whims of any Canadian prime minister. How else will we guarantee its independence from the opportunism of parasitic politicians?

Despite my unreserved applause for the decision of the Supreme Court, I felt disappointed that, on an obvious matter of law, there was one dissenting voice versus the other six – until I learned later that it came from none other than Harper’s appointee. Imagine if Harper had two or three of those!

In 2015, let us ask Harper about his 2011 pledge to rule with transparency and integrity. In 2015: LET US SEND HARPER A CLEAR MESSAGE!

Qais Ghanem, Ottawa

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Henri Chevillard

His first order of business when first elected in 2006 was to cancel the 'Court Challenges Program'. When done he quipped, "I won't be doing anything unconstitutional."

Bruce MacDonald

I agree that PM Harper is disdainful of the law, but you must check your facts. Harper has appointed five of the current eight Judges, not one. This means that four out of five of his own appointees rejected his latest nominee.

Thank u 4 that important observation. That is exactly how judges who reach that level of responsibility should behave. We should be proud of those who follow their conscience and the law of the land.


Actually 5 of the sitting Supreme court justices were appointed by Harper. This makes the ruling even more interesting.

lorne smith

The rule of law is all any democratic country has to protect itself and everyone living in it from dictators. We are so grateful for the integrity of the Supreme Court. Harper and other extremists must not be allowed to destroy the courts and the country

Thank u 4 that link. Our archaic first past the post electoral system needs to change, but this will not happen any time soon, precisely because it is not in the interest of the ruling party, whether conservative or liberal. But until then, we need to admit that we are partly responsible for what we get, by way of government, because of our complacency, which results in very low turnout. It is very easy to say "why should I vote, when it's not going to make any difference?" We have a lot of educating to do. This controversy led by Lead Now should help drive the point home. 84000 signatures sent to P.P. says a lot, I think.