Shades of oppression - Child protection

Shades of oppression - Child protection
Posted on July 25, 2016 | Derek James | Written on July 25, 2016
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Author's Note:


Has anyone ever heard of child protection worker showing up to offer "assistance" to police officers with children who have legal problems, mental health issues or drug issues or any other profession like teachers being investigated?

We hear about bad cops and troubled cops all the time in the mainstream media and some of them must have families - the same as we hear about bad or troubled teachers - and we know both are quick to call the children's aid society on everyone but their own. Does it in some way earn those professions who work with the society an exemption from the society's "help."

Anytime the opportunity for corruption exists - it does.

If the police want into your house to have a look around, it's easy to call the children's aid society and make an exaggerated report and accompany (piggyback) the so called child protection workers into every room in the house as the worker opens and looks in and under everything..

Here's the video.

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How ethical or legal is it for our government to give power or authority over it citizens to any private agency that is not bound by the same laws the government itself is obligated to uphold - like the Freedom of Information Act - or laws to protect the Charter Rights of it's citizens.

The children's aid society has made it perfect clear they don't have to obey the same laws as everyone else and they refuse to do so voluntarily regardless of how moral or ethical it is - like mandatory registration with the Ontario College of Social Work.

Let alone how competent was it of the government to give the power to conduct investigations to an agency with no qualifications of any kind accepted by the ministry - to conduct an investigation.

Why would anyone do that? I don't know... The law in Ontario is every private citizen conducting private investigations and every private agency employing private investigators must be licensed and insured and accountable to an investigative code of conduct.

Can you think of any other agency - government or private tasked with conducting an offical investigation that is not required and does not require and does not have some kind of training or recognized quailifcations to conduct an investigation.

The children's aid society is a private corporation employing private citizens untrained in conducting lawful investigations who have been overlooked by yet another law that applies to everyone else.

But - the children's aid society claim their kind of investigation doesn't require training like private investigators or detectives for the police, or even a patrol officer - you just have to be a social worker and not call yourself one to avoid the registration law in Ontario and the society will teach you everything a cop or any other kind of investigator isn't allowed to do (or shouldn't do) to meet the agency's funding goals.

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