Please Contact TVO to help expose concealed corruption in business

Please Contact TVO to help expose concealed corruption in business
Posted on June 27, 2016 | Robert Chisholm | Written on June 27, 2016
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

I contacted TV Ontario a month ago, about an idea for  an episode of Steve Paikin's "The Agenda" and had a favourable initial response. It's about SNC-Lavalin Inc. and their predecessor company The SNC Group who perpetrated corruption in business at the expense of somebody wrongfully dismissed years ago and then contrived to cover it up ever since. I think it's time to encourage others to join me in helping to expose this sort of thing, to help ensure that others are not themselves attacked by anything like this.

From: Robert T. Chisholm

Hello everyone!

Please consider supporting my request to TV Ontario to investigate and report on some business corruption perpetrated by SNC-Lavalin Inc. and their predecessor company The SNC Group, which they have been covering up for 30 years.

I wrote about this company for Unpublished Ottawa once before, in September 2015.


The corruption referred to is completely different from the bribery and improper payments in Libya, which have already been exposed, in the mainstream news media on numerous occasions since 2010.

The cover-up referred to has all been based on popular social prejudices, incompetence, mis-guided ideas about "political correctness", lawyers combined with the mis-use of money to cover up corruption, and the power of office of certain people - notably Guy Saint-Pierre, O.C. (1992), former President and C.E.O. of SNC-Lavalin Inc. who stepped down from this position in 1996.

Among other things, Guy Saint-Pierre and SNC’s lawyers, between them, allowed SNC’s Royal Bank bank account to be seized in August 1991 for non-payment of a Court ordered settlement in a wrongful dismissal suit, coincident with their takeover of the insolvent Lavalin Inc.. and SNC’s payment at the time of a widely reported $90 million to purchase the Lavalin assets from the consortium of 8 banks, which had seized them as part of the bankruptcy process.

I had a successful public event at the University of Ottawa on April 2nd 2016, "STUDIES IN CORPORATE INTEGRITY - WHAT IS KEPT HIDDEN AND MUST BE DISCUSSED". It was partly about the “concealed” corruption at SNC-Lavalin Inc. just referred to.

I had some very interesting discussions with the audience of about 18 people during the Q & A periods that I included in my program.

The advance notice of the event was posted on Eventbrite here:-

TV Ontario's "The Agenda" show on Thursday May 12th, titled "A CORRUPTION CULTURE?", specifically mentioned SNC-Lavalin Inc. in connection with Libya – the very same SNC-Lavalin Inc. already referred to.

Reference :

Cover-ups of corruption in business are obviously against the public interest. I have asked TV Ontario about doing a follow-up show, specifically  about SNC-Lavalin Inc. - and had a favourable initial response.

As proof of this, here is the exchange of e-mails that I had with TV Ontario between May 24th and 26th:

On this web page just cited, you will also find the link to the Youtube videos of my April 2nd event, plus one more video that I posted later. There are also some explanatory notes posted with the videos.

On June 4th 2016, Facebook reminded me of something that I shared on my Facebook timeline a year earlier:-

The question applies just as much now as it did when this article first appeared, and for long before that. Now, with a new political landscape and Justin Trudeau running the show, and with Bill C-52 being law in Ontario as of November 3rd 2015, there is no reason whatsoever for covering up and no basis whatsoever for false pretences about what "...can't be done..." when somebody like myself exposes corruption in business at SNC-Lavalin Inc. or anywhere else, along with a demand to stop it and expunge it.

Ontario’s Bill C-52 is the “Protection of Public Participation Act, 2015”.

And bear in mind also the lessons of Mark Bourrie’s book, “Kill the Messengers”, published in 2015.

Chapter 11 of the book is titled, “Baffle Them with Bullshit”. All cover-ups of the kind already referred to are based on nothing but “bullshit”. 

So please consider supporting my request to TV Ontario to investigate my story and report it on their "The Agenda" program. You can contact them here:

All you need to do is indicate to them that you are aware of what has been going on, and ask them to investigate my story about SNC-Lavalin Inc.

"For the attention of: Tony, Customer Relations, Re: "A CORRUPTION CULTURE?/ SNC-Lavalin Inc."

Sincerely, Robert T. Chisholm

Associate Member, OSPE

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