Rick Mercer rants about the so called 'Fair Elections Act'

Rick Mercer rants about the so called 'Fair Elections Act'
Posted on March 3, 2014 | Unpublished Admin | Written on March 3, 2014
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Author's Note:

This is a great rant from Rick Mercer on the new 'Fair' Elections Act 

Do you ever have those days where you feel like there’s a higher power who's entire purpose is to constantly test your grip on reality? You know those days when you wake up and hear that Pierre Poilievre has been chosen by Prime Minister Harper to reform democracy in Canada. I mean on a day like that, it’s entirely normal to think I must be hallucinating. Because I guarantee you, you get any member of the Conservative caucus alone in a room and you ask them who is the last man on earth who should be put in charge of reforming democracy and they will tell you Pierre Poilievre. 

But the Prime Minister gave him a job to do and boy has he done it. He has tabled the Fair Elections Act. And I promise you, if you read this bill you will feel like you have left Canada and slipped into a parallel universe. When this bill passes it will be illegal for elections Canada to encourage young people to vote. Because, well, there's the problem right there, isn’t it? I mean you get young people voting, next thing you know you have an entire generation of informed citizens running around taking part in democracy and feeling a real ownership in Canada. 

Now if you ask the government they will tell you voter turnout in Canada is at a historic low and therefore that's proof that encouraging people to vote does not work. Not true. People do not vote because they look at the way that politics is being performed in Canada and they feel like they’ve been given a feed of bad oysters. After that, they just avoid the buffet altogether. 

Canadians, we love to brag that we are one of the world's greatest democracies. If we abandon the principal that voting is important and must be encouraged, we forfeit the title.

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Cam Feldcamp

This is why I hate the CBC. Twisting facts. The act does not just forbid targeting youth. It forbids targeting any special group. This will prevent Elections Canada from trying to influence an election by targeting social groups that will vote for their preferred party as they have been doing since the Conservative Party was elected. It does not prevent advertising to encourage voting by everyone which is what should be advertised.
Like usual Rick has twisted facts to fit his and the CBC's left wing view.

Cam, where is the evidence that Elections Canada is trying to influence elections? The Conservatives were caught cheating. Elections Canada caught them cheating. I find it disturbing that you accept this assumption without any proof, especially when there is proof that "someone with access to the Conservative contact database deliberately mislead voters during the 2011 federal election".

As I wrote earlier on this site, I believe Elections Canada should be strengthened, not weakened, in the wake of the Robocall scandal: http://unpublishedottawa.com/letter/726/elections-canada-should-be-stren...


Or perhaps the conservatives could espouse and implement policies that everyone, including young people, would support and then encouraging them to vote would actually benefit them?

It is beyond ridiculous to say that Elections Canada is trying to sway elections by encouraging young people to vote. Perhaps you should check what Colin Powell has to say on the subject of similar election "reforms" in the US. Or is he left wing as well?

Peter Brebner

CBC twisting the facts? What about Poilievre? http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/author-of-elections-report-cited-by-poil.... Neufeld is highly critical of Poilievre for good reason. What voter fraud? Poilievre has ignored many of the problems that Election Canada encounters on Election Day: poor compensation for EDay workers, more training for workers, better staffing & streamlining of processes to reduce "irregularities", removing political party influence of Eday workers hired & going to a more professional cadre of workers based on skill and merit, expanding advance voting and locate in locations like shopping centers, and examine and experiment with online voting. Poilievre's, or is it really the PMO staffers, solutions: make it harder for people to vote, increase political appointments of Election Day workers (Fair Elections Act 44.3) and increase donation limits. The win at all costs partisanship has gone up a long steep road and it is taking us to a cliff. After the crash you can be guaranteed that the politicians & political operatives will have parachutes and land safely (ie. Toews is now a public servant: judgeship) and Canadians will be left to mend the broken bones and sort out the mess.

Peter Brebner

Where is the Baldwin and Lafontaine (and Howe) of this century to wrest control from the new aristocracy (aka the political parties) and bring back democracy? It is not just the Conservative Party that has made our elected representatives "nobodies". Memory tells me that some guy by the name of Trudeau called them "nobodies". And while I am mentioning aristocracy is there not a few second generation families involved in politics? Manning, Martin, Trudeau, Layton come to mind.