Harper's Immigration Administration Granting Visas to World Famous Anti-Semites

Harper's Immigration Administration Granting Visas to World Famous Anti-Semites
Posted on August 19, 2015 | Yasser Harrak | Written on August 19, 2015
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Stephen Harper bragged enough about being the protector of the rights of Jewish people and other minorities found around the world facing existential threats. The facts on the ground show that Mr. Harper uses this card for pure partisan purposes and never did anything that leads to preventing systematic discrimination and human rights abuses by dictators he befriended. Economic interests are often used to justify helping dictatorships like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Such excuses cannot be accepted in the case of granting tourist or resident visas to world's famous Islamofascists such us the Moroccan Sheikh Abdelbari Zamzami. This raises an important question on whether or not Harpers is really protecting Canada. It raises the question about Harpers' appointments in the Immigration system and whether they are based on merit or based on connections within the Conservative Party.

A prominent Moroccan news website published today that the Moroccan extremist cleric Abdelbari Zamzami ( other variations in writing his name are recorded as Zemzmi, Zemzami and the like)  is currently in Canada visiting his daughter.[1] Zamzami issued a religious verdict published last year by Morocco's number one online news site Hespress stating that cursing the Jewish people is religiously permissible. That was in a response to Italy's removal of a Moroccan Imam who used to curse the Jewish people in a Mosque. Zamzami declared that although asking god to destroy the oppressive Jews is permissible, Imams in the west should be careful as such thing may lead to security problems with the Western authorities.[2] In a statement delegitimizing Syrian president Bashar Al Assad and in support of terrorist activities in Syria Zamzami declared in a recorded video that if Assad was legitimate, he could have bombarded Israel and ruined the houses in Israel instead of bombarding the houses in Syria.[3] In an interview with Badil Info Zamzami said that Shiite Muslim minorities are more dangerous than ISIS and more evil than Israel.[4] Sheikh Zamzami despite  his being openly Anti-semite and Anti-shiite, and despite calling for hatred he was honored by the King of Morocco and is considered one of his greatest loyalist clerics.

Now that Abdelbari Zemzami was granted several visas in the last 10 years to enter Canada freely and preach hatred and intolerance to Canadian youth, it is clear that Stephen Harper's administration is not protecting Canadians. It is an administration that does not rely upon experts in making and executing its policies, but rather relies upon individuals appointed based on partisan interests. The Harper government is called now to cancel the visa granted to Abdelbari Zamzami and send him back to Morocco where he can enjoy spreading hatred with the blessing of the king.




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