Martin Canning challenges Mayor and City Councillors to take CRI Mission 2030 pledge

Martin Canning challenges Mayor and City Councillors to take CRI Mission 2030 pledge
Posted on February 19, 2014 | Martin Canning | Written on February 19, 2014
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This morning I was the first municipal candidate to commit to the Construction Resource Initiative’s (CRI) Mission 2030 pledge — a voluntary non-binding commitment to responsible sustainable consumption, production and disposal of resources and excess materials to support the CRI Council’s net zero construction, renovation and demolition waste initiative. The pledge is a public acknowledgement that an individual, organization or government has taken its first step to eliminate the ‘concept’ of waste in a responsible, measurable and verifiable manner, for the safety of all and a sustainable future.

There is a growing demand in Canada’s capital to find new ways to engage citizens and stakeholders to act on sustainability and to find new opportunities within growth. These new opportunities will make our cities more innovative, healthy and prosperous.

I took the CRI Council's Mission 2030 pledge because the future of the New Ottawa's prosperity and community wellbeing must be built upon sustainable forms of development. Cities should be the focal point of the global sustainability agenda. Meaningful progress towards sustainability goals and waste reduction will only be achieved through collaboration with consumers, suppliers and material managers to maximize resource efficiency and minimize waste generation, which results in reduced greenhouse gas production.

In taking this pledge I am challenging the Mayor and all City Councillors as well as fellow municipal candidates in Ottawa and across Ontario to join me and the CRI Council in taking the first step to help eliminate the concept of waste.

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