For the bears

For the bears
Posted on February 17, 2014 | F. Cochran | Written on February 17, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The news that B.C. has announced an increased trophy hunt for grizzlies and Ontario is reinstating spring hunts(test hunt indeed) appalled me. Canadian governments of all stripes treating bears whether black, grizzly or polar as valuable only when dead has got to stop. There is more to it for another day such as how much easier it is to access these and other mega fauna with new resource
routes opening up provincial and territorial back country along with wildlife encounters 'interfering' with human activities in once wild territories. This open letter is an effort to deal with immediate feelings on the bears' behalf and was emailed to the Premiers of British Columbia and Ontario, Ministers of Finance, Environment,Forest, Lands, Natural Resources in B.C., the Minister of Natural Resources in Ontario and cc'd to various newspapers on the west coast of B.C. along with outdoor companies that I have viewed grizzlies and other bears with.

For the Bears:

To be hunted again in springtime in Ontario and as trophy's even more in B.C. (and beyond…).

Your deaths will not be easy, few are but there is a difference here. Yours will not be forgotten. You will die for the short term interests of election votes because heaven already knows that more money is achieved from people wanting to see you alive, not in their rifle sights.

Trophy hunting glamorizes some of the worst of human nature: the need to control and acquire. Trophy hunting removes the strongest genes from the gene pool. Why would anyone find it worthy to be photographed with the dead eyes of a once grand creature that was merely going about it's natural business. Hunting magazines that sell guns and excitement, show growling grizzlies as though they are attacking the viewer. The majority would not. Females with cubs as well as bears with a kill at hand are the most likely to make a move to defend themselves (and theirs). Attacking is a last resort for the grizzly unlike the human after them.

Re: spring bear hunting anywhere and baiting winter starved animals: hardly a moral or honourable way to hunt, is it ? Orphans often result, more suffering and death or more actual costs within the human community that cares for them.

If anything should be removed from the gene pool it should be the impetus for humans to kill for pleasure. And add(that is to say, take away as well) the gene for politicians' abuse of other living / sentient beings for their own professional interests.

Francie Cochran
Courtenay, B.C.

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