How client centric are you?

How client centric are you?
Posted on February 6, 2014 | David Stein | Written on February 6, 2014
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We work harder than ever to get clients to buy our service or products. Do you have any idea how much it costs you to secure a new client? Probably more than you think. In this day and age where buyers have so many more options and information about potential products and services the sales cycle has become longer and more difficult to transact.

So the question is are you and your company willing to take the necessary actions to make sure you retain the clients you worked so hard to get? It starts right at beginning when you work with and train your salespeople on how to find and obtain new clients. If you don’t insist that your people become client-focused, I can guarantee you that it will be an uphill battle to get and retain clients.

When I say client-focused do you have any idea at what I am getting at? We all have to become more in line with a positive outcome for our clients and not so selfish about our wants and needs. We have to become better listeners, not boring our potential clients with all our bells and whistles. If we can explain in a straight-forward and simple manner how our products or services can help our clients obtain what they want then we have a better chance of securing them as customers.

In order to determine what they want, we have to ask questions that will uncover what their motives are. When we ask questions and then listen proactively for their response, the client senses that we really do have an interest in them and that we aren’t there to sell them a bunch of crap that they don’t want or need.

The new paradigm which should have been enacted a long time ago is building relationships and friendships between buyers and sellers. Believe me buyers can smell a commission driven salesperson from a mile away. The old adage about treating a customer like you would want to be treated yourself was a wise saying. So once you have established a sense of trust between yourself and a new client what do you do to make certain that you have a long and harmonious relationship? You go out of your way to provide them with extra attention, and value.

Value is a word that has been flogged to death over the past few years. When I say value I mean being aware of your clients’ interests and activities both inside and outside the office and doing something special for them that takes into account that knowledge you have obtained over time. If you know another client who might benefit from one of your clients products or services introduce them. Stop being a taker and start giving more of yourself to your clients not expecting anything in return. Go out of your way through your actions to demonstrate to your clients how much you value their friendship and business and you might be surprised at how they perceive you going forward.

When I say client centric, I mean put your clients’ needs before your own, start really listening to them. You might be surprised by what you learn and earn.

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