The four myths of business innovation in Canada - Part 1 of 6

The four myths of business innovation in Canada - Part 1 of 6
Posted on February 1, 2014 | Ian Graham | Written on February 1, 2014
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Part 1 – Introduction

Industry Canada recently published on their website a consultation paper (Seizing Canada's Moment: Moving Forward in Science, Technology and Innovation) requesting feedback on Canada’s Science and Technology Policy. The findings in the consultation paper are largely based on an expert report called “Paradox Lost: Explaining Canada’s Research Strength and Innovation Weakness” written by the Council of Canadian Academies.  I have some significant difference of opinion with the report that we will delve into as we explore the four myths of business innovation in Canada.

Here are the four myths of innovation from my perspective:

  1. Gazelles (high-growth startups) create the most net new jobs
  2. Non-profit organizations are best suited to delivering programs for business innovation
  3. Canadian academic research, overall, is strong and well regarded internationally
  4. Canadian business innovation is weak by international standards, and this is the primary cause of Canada’s poor productivity growth

I will be writing a post on each of the four myths over the next two weeks and finishing with a set of recommendations to submit to Industry Canada. Any and all comments, feedback warmly welcomed.

Informed, rational and healthy discourse is the life blood of innovation.

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You are welcome James.

Looking forward to sparking some discussion around innovation in Canada.