Corrections: Use media to 'appear' accountable - 2016!

Corrections: Use media to 'appear' accountable - 2016!
Posted on May 8, 2016 | Barry Dennison | Written on May 8, 2016
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) will destroy careers if any employee even suggests true accountibility, as 'university researchers/auditors allowed increased access to the segment of the civil service' that I suggested. 

This media day is to "appear" open and accountable, after years of journalists being denied access to the physical prison or via Freedom of Information requests!  

Instead, many media outlets just praise the CSC for their "unprescedented access", notwithstanding that historically very minimal access has been granted by the prison administration.   Who knew about this $24 billion revamp @ CBI?  

Great first step Corrections Canada! 

I'll continue to be looking for interviews the media does with staff  to see how free and open things are now.  Staff including security, case managers, shop instructors, psychologists, medical staff.  

In l978, after a double murder, the CBC came into Collins Bay Institution in l981, staff were ordered to not say a word to the press.  Media were instructed to not to film' staff while on the job.   

Hoping Mark Gerretsen​ MP for Kingston and the Islands can get in on media day, he has the right security clearance. 

Same with Adam Vaughan​ and other Toronto MPs who need to understand prisons much better because inmates are let out in their Wards every day, including sex offenders. 

Who can remember the last time a Minister of Public Safety went inside a federal prison?  

Ralph Goodale​ is an astute politician known to see the human side  of circumstances.  

Hoping this continues over to Corrections [in his legislative and government policy objectives], one that will include proper care for staff and inmates, including proper management of medication for mentally ill inmates should be a focus for the media.

The prison system should also be open to all police training colleges, including RCMP recruits [as part of training], whilst the media should be familiarizing itself with the Correctional Investigator's 2016 Report to Parliament.

Media kit: Info on CBI was exceptionally well done:

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