Sign the petition demanding a Public Inquiry in Ontario

Sign the petition demanding a Public Inquiry in Ontario
Posted on April 10, 2016 | Ontario PC News | Written on April 9, 2016
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Dear Ontairians,

Yesterday I demanded that Premier Wynne immediately call a comprehensive Public Inquiry into the awarding of government contracts, grants and contributions to corporations and other entities who made donations to the governing Liberals. 

Serious allegations have been raised in the media as to the conduct of the Liberal Government, and the perception is growing that the Liberals may have used their position to build a money-making machine for the Ontario Liberal Party.

If Premier Wynne and her Ministers have nothing to hide, they wouldn’t run from a Public Inquiry.

Will you join me and the Ontario PC Caucus and sign our petition demanding that the Premier immediately call a Public Inquiry? Click here to demand the truth.

The Premier can resist pressure from the public all she wants. But she knows where this latest scandal is heading. 

For the sake of restoring the public’s trust in government, Premier Wynne should do the right thing, cut her losses and call a Public Inquiry. 

click here to sign our petition to demand the truth from the Wynne Liberals today.



Patrick Brown
Leader, Ontario PC Party


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