Brown: Will the Premier call a Commission of Inquiry?

Brown: Will the Premier call a Commission of Inquiry?
Posted on April 7, 2016 | Ontario PC News | Written on April 7, 2016
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April 7, 2016

Brown: Will the Premier do the right thing and call a Commission of Inquiry?

QUEEN’S PARK – Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown repeated his calls for a Commission of Inquiry into the Ontario Liberal Government’s fundraising practices during today’s Question Period.   

“Multiple police investigations, corruption charges in Sudbury, public perception of government contracts being awarded in exchange for hefty donations to the governing party,” said Brown. “The people of Ontario work hard to pay their taxes and they don’t deserve a government mired in scandal.”

This week in Question Period it was found the Government has provided renewable energy contracts to seven wind companies who had donated a quarter of a million dollars to Liberal Party coffers. Three wind companies who hadn’t donated to the Liberal Party did not receive any contracts.

“Nothing this Premier can promise about reform is going to change the fact that how this government has given out contracts and grants has to be subject to a full investigation,” stated Brown. “Will she call a commission of inquiry or is she going to wait for another police investigation into her government?”

When the Premier would not answer whether she would call a Commission of Inquiry, Leader Patrick Brown suggested that the Premier release a list of every company that received a grant or contract from the Liberal Government, and a list of every company or association that successfully lobbied for a policy change.  

“The people of Ontario deserve to see these lists. They must be made public so that they can compare the lists with the lists of those donating to the Liberal Party,” Brown added.  “Based on what the media has been reporting, the public might find those two lists are pretty similar.”

“If the Liberals wanted to remove any appearance of undue influence from donors, they would give the money back,” concluded Brown. “Will she direct the Ontario Liberal Fund to return every donation received from the companies who got grants and contracts or who successfully lobbied for a policy change?”



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