What can "Anybody" tell Obama about Keystone XL

What can "Anybody" tell Obama about Keystone XL
Posted on January 3, 2014 | Franke James | Written on January 3, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Get involved in Franke James' letter writing campaign to President Obama about the Keystone XL pipeline by filling out the auto-letter form below her illustrated letter. Once complete, publish it on UnpublishedOttawa.com and share it with your friends, colleagues and community!

1_DearObama_anybody 2_BigDecision 3_CitizensStandUp 4_Scary_DirePredictions 5_ExtremeWeather2012 6_Rabbit_TooLate 7_CarbonPlan 8_CanadaRootsPolluters 9_CO2Toaster_top 9_CO2Toaster_bottom 10_Obama_NSA1 11_CanadaDirtyOldMan Dirty Truth 13_ColossalFossil 14_PointFingers 15_RisingCarbonCanada 16_USAtargets 17_TripleKXL 18_PMfirebreather David Suzuki said there is a systematic attack on science and democracy taking place in Canada, and the Harper government isn’t even trying to hide it. But scientists cannot and will not be silenced, not when we are facing an irreversible climate catastrophe like the tar sands

Silencing Scientists "There was trouble of this kind here in the George W. Bush years, when scientists were asked to toe the party line on climate policy and endangered species. But nothing came close to what is being done in Canada... This is more than an attack on academic freedom. It is an attempt to guarantee public ignorance. It is also designed to make sure that nothing gets in the way of the northern resource rush — the feverish effort to mine the earth and the ocean with little regard for environmental consequences. The Harper policy seems designed to make sure that the tar sands project proceeds quietly, with no surprises, no bad news, no alarms from government scientists. To all the other kinds of pollution the tar sands will yield, we must now add another: the degradation of vital streams of research and information." New York Times Editorial by Verlyn Klinkenborg
20_DoNotTalk_artist 22_SignsEverywhere 23_UnfriendlyCanada 23_UnfriendlyCanadaB 23_UStownsToxic 25_Calamity
"If the Keystone XL is built, the State Department says it could spill more than 100 times."
"U.S. consumers are not likely to see any reduction in pump prices; after all, the whole reason for building the Keystone XL is to raise the price that producers get paid." 24/7 Wall Street
"Oil-sands developers are counting on Keystone XL to lift heavy crude prices by connecting them to the world's largest refining market in the Gulf Coast as they double production by 2025." Pipeline rejection could set precedent
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But if you approve the Keystone XL saying it does not 'exacerbate carbon pollution' then…

33_ScoffAnybody 34_DirtyTarSandsOil 34_Gasguzzlers_solo 35_Monsterhomes 36_ObamaLeadership 35_CondemnKids 36_SayNoKXL1

Visual Essay Credits

“What could Anybody tell President Obama about the Keystone XL?” © 2013 Franke James; All writing, photography and illustration by Franke James (with exceptions and details here). Photos of the bus shelters in Washington, DC by Logan Mock-Bunting. Special thanks to my Indiegogo 'Banned on the Hill' supporters, the NRDC, Sierra Club and National Wildlife for their support of my Oh No Canada!art show in Washington, DC.

Key Sources

Dirty truth screen: "Canada is the Dirty Old Man" Bus shelter poster by Franke James. Guardian UK Dirty Old Man quote. Photo of shelter and people by Logan Mock-Bunting. Oh No Canada! art show in Washington, DC. Statistic: Producing Tar Sands Oil is up to 350% dirtier than conventional oil. FAIL: How the Keystone XL Tar Sands PipeLine Flunks the Climate Test Page 6: "extracting and upgrading oil from tar sands can be as much as 4.5 times more greenhouse-gas-intensive than oil from other conventional north american crude sources." Stockman, Lorne. “Petroleum coke: The Coal Hiding in the tar sands.” Oil Change International. January 2013. Page 3: "It is a well established fact that full exploitation of the tar sands is a grave threat to the climate. Emissions from tar sands extraction and upgrading are between 3.2 and 4.5 times higher than the equivalent emissions from conventional oil produced in north america." Copyright 2013 Franke James. All rights reserved.

Oh No Canada! show in Washington, D.C.

See the Oh No Canada! show in Washington, D.C. which ran from October to December 2013 thanks to Indiegogo 'Banned on the Hill' supporters, the NRDC, Sierra Club and National Wildlife.

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Franke James, is the artist and author of Banned on the Hill and the winner of the PEN Canada / Ken Filkow Prize and the BCCLA 2014 Liberty Award for Excellence in the Arts. Franke’s experience fighting government... More


Thanks for sharing Franke. Good luck with your campaign! I'm sharpening my pencil now...

Franke James

Fabulous to hear you a re sharpening your pencil! Thanks for providing the platform to share my Anybody letter to President Obama.


Very impressive work and incredible motivation!



Well done!

I had a meeting with a banker - good news for me & bad news for them as I am becoming one-half of a couple free of any major debt. Also an opportunity to sell me investments, so I asked about ethical investing and they came up empty. Bankers and financial planners also need to hear from all of us that we don't want to buy in to industries that don't take care of the planet for future generations, that profit from suffering, or that destroy our health. There are people who want to invest in a better future. Is the financial services industry listening?

Demand from customers at public institutions in California led the late Ray Anderson to completely transform the office carpet tile company Interface into a thrifty, recycling, conserving business.

We need to build demand and profitability for sustainable alternatives as much as (or more than) we need to resist dangerous & unsustainable projects.


Jeremy Rifkin's "energy internet" is that sustainable alternative: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-NA9gM49qU .
This energy internet has begun to be built in Europe, China is getting on it and we can all help to bring it to North America. Help by spreading the word, spreading the link, and insisting on it from local and regional leaders. Grassroots is the way to go with an ideologue like Harper at the helm.