Ontario Liberals have "Hit the Wall"

Ontario Liberals have "Hit the Wall"
Posted on December 2, 2013 | Rob Dekker | Written on December 2, 2013
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The Ontario Liberal Government is now expecting Ontario Hydro users to significantly adjust how they use electricity as there will be no reduction in rates. The high rates Ontarians are expected to pay because of terrible Liberal energy decisions. The call by Energy Minister Chiarelli demonstrates one thing: This Wynne Government has hit the wall.

They have no more answers, and the cost of living keeps going up. In Ottawa two separate Hydro increases in 3 months are expected to cost an additional $100 per year in electricity. The added 7% increase in Water and 1.9% Property Tax in Ottawa will take a further $90 annually out of our pockets. Almost $200 less in 2014, for many that is $200 too much.

While doing many things off-peak used to be a benefit, the cost of power off peak is increasing at a higher rate than during high peak usage times. Peak usage rates have risen 48% since 2007 to 12.9 cents/kwh and mid-peak rates at 10.9 cents/kwh. The astonishing grab is the 140% increase in off-peak rates to 7.2 cents/kwh. It will not be too long when off-peak and mid peak rates have so little difference that only high and off peak rates exist.

I’d like to have Bob Chiarelli take us on a tour of his home and show us what HE is doing to reduce his consumption of power.

Beyond the increases in hydro, there are no answers coming from the Provincial government to create jobs and stimulate the economy. These are the moves we need, not increases and a reduction in the disposable income – the income that will the wake this dormant economy and be the drive for quality good paying jobs.

The Liberals have hit the wall, there is no choice for Ontario but to let voters have the chance to knock the wall down and allow someone else to take Ontario through to prosperity, jobs and economic growth that the Liberals have squandered in the past 10 years.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important topic Rob. Can you provide a link (or supporting doc) to direct readers to where they can read more about the financials behind the Liberal governments new long term energy plan?

Danny Handelman

The previous NDP and Progressive Conservative provincial governments froze electricity rates, resulting in debt accumulating. Higher electricity costs will make electricity generated in relative proximity to where the consumers are located more competitive, generating local jobs, and encourage more compact land use, which would also lower capital, maintenance and transportation costs. The cost of electricity would be higher in the absence of electricity subsidies (maximum nuclear liability, Ontario Clean Energy Benefit ($1 billion/year), and northern Ontario industrial electricity rate ($100 million/year)).