Help shape Canada's new Chief Science Officer

Help shape Canada's new Chief Science Officer
Posted on February 28, 2016 | Katie Gibbs | Written on February 28, 2016
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Dear Interested Canadians,

I have exciting news! The federal government is following through on their election promise to create a Chief Science Officer (CSO).

This position has the potential to make a huge difference for science in Canada and there is no doubt that this success is thanks to your efforts at keeping science in the spotlight.

Now we need to ensure that the Chief Science Officer position is properly designed—this new office must be effective, robust and broadly respected.

This is where you come in.

Evidence for Democracy has recently received a formal invitation from the Minister of Science to submit feedback on what this new position should look like. We want to hear from you to help guide our response:

1. What role do you see the Chief Science Officer fulfilling within government?

2. How would you like to see the Chief Science Officer engage with the research community and the broader public?

3. What do you believe should be the primary responsibilities of the Chief Science Officer?

4. What issues should the Chief Science Officer address first?

Please send us your thoughts by filling out this short form

This is an exciting moment for science in Canada, thank you for being a part of it!

Katie Gibbs, Executive Director
Evidence for Democracy

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