Ottawa, it's time to make some noise!

Ottawa, it's time to make some noise!
Posted on February 23, 2016 | Open Media | Written on February 23, 2016
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This is it! In under 24 hours, Ottawa City Council will hold a crucial vote on Internet Choice and Affordability. Tell your Councillor you want faster, more affordable Internet before the February 24vote at City Hall!

As one of our Ottawa-based supporters, your voice can have a strong influence on this vote.

Here’s the bottom line: Telecom giant Bell is trying to persuade the federal government to overturn a set of crucial CRTC rules designed to ensure all Canadians can obtain blazing-fast fibre Internet services from affordable, independent Internet providers.

If Bell get its way, Canadians will be blocked from accessing fibre Internet through more affordable, independent providers, and forced to pay Bell’s ridiculously high prices instead.1

Tomorrow’s vote could prove decisive. Toronto and Calgary councils are already speaking out against Bell’s price-gouging scheme. If our nation’s capital joins them, the pressure on Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains will be impossible to ignore.

But the clock is ticking and with Bell’s lobbyists piling on the pressure we don’t have a moment to lose: click here to tell your local councillor to stand up for Internet users instead of for telecom giants.

As an Ottawa resident, your voice really matters here. Councillors generally don’t hear from many local residents on issues like this — so even a few people like you speaking up will have a big impact. Will you join us and send a message ASAP before this crucial vote?

Thanks for standing with us!


[1] Super-fast Internet is coming - along with super-high pricing. Source: The Globe and Mail

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