Get Snow Tires !

Get Snow Tires !
Posted on February 19, 2016 | Edward Farnworth | Written on February 19, 2016
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Whenever a snow storm hits Ottawa, my blood pressure goes up.

This latest big snow storm has caused my blood pressure to shoot up once again. It happens every time we have more than a few centimetres of snow. No it isn’t the shovelling, or the extra effort it takes to walk on the sidewalk--Its pushing cars that have gotten stuck on our street because the plow hasn’t had time to get to our part of town!

I don’t mind helping people out. It’s not that. But, I do mind helping people who get stuck because they don’t have snow tires on their car.

Hey people, this is Ottawa, Canada! Remember laughing at all those Americans who got stuck and stranded when a snow storm hit their usually warm sunny states? Remember asking why they could be so unprepared?  So, now that you are spinning your wheels while some good Samaritan like me is pushing until the veins on my head are about to pop, who is the unprepared one?

Buy some good snow tires. Sure they cost a bit, and yes they are louder than regular tires when the road is bare and dry. But they are safer on snowy roads. And they will get you down that unplowed street. Most importantly, I will thank you. My blood pressure will thank you.

But wait a minute! Did I just hear that our articulated buses don’t use snow tires? Why should expect every day drivers to be prepared for a winter storm when my city isn’t?

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