Connect the Dots: Arts Court and Student Housing

Connect the Dots: Arts Court and Student Housing
Posted on November 6, 2013 | Philip Brown | Written on November 6, 2013
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Ottawa Citizen

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This letter was inspired by articles on Arts Court and Student Housing in Sandy Hill that both appeared in the City section of the Ottawa Citizen on November 6th, 2013.

Connect the dots. The proposed Arts Court development would be an ideal location for student housing.

What a wonderful way to satisfy two urgent public needs in one great project. Whether sponsored by the University (already an Arts Court partner) or a private developer, student housing would help ease pressure on Sandy Hill and should be immediately viable in a way that yet another condo development in a softening market may not.

What a great combination!

Let's encourage the City and the University to aggressively pursue it.

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Note to readers: Phil Brown passed away in November 2015. Please see his bio and letters he wrote on municipal affairs. Phil was a friend and mentor to UO President James O'Grady. He will be missed.

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Think of the spin-offs this kind of project could produce. Students would be an obvious audience for many of the events held at Arts Court. Students taking arts programs would likely be keen to live there, and the University could add value by locating some of its arts programs in the building, with the possibility of facilities being shared and adding further value for both the University and the City. Time to think outside the box!

Its a great suggestion Phil. Feel free to share your letter with your councillor and the Mayor. They should be made aware of this option, if they are not already.