Help hold the Liberals to their $150 Million CBC funding promise

Help hold the Liberals to their $150 Million CBC funding promise
Posted on January 30, 2016 | Friends of Canadian Broadcasting | Written on January 30, 2016
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Something has just happened that makes my radar blip...

In recent days, as the value of the loonie plummets, the price of oil drops and the economy continues to slide, Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly has become much less forthcoming about the government’s commitment to re-invest in the CBC.

As an ounce of prevention, I invite you to join me in sending a message to tell your MP in your own words how much you value our national public broadcaster and just how important it is for Prime Minister Trudeau to deliver on his promise to re-invest $150 million in CBC/Radio-Canada in the forthcoming Budget. After you do, please post your letter to so they can share it with interested Canadians.

Earlier this week, the French-language edition of the Huffington Post published comments from Minister Joly that have put FRIENDS on high alert. If you prefer, you can read an Englishtranslation. Please take a moment to read this article.

Minister Joly’s January 26th comments are very different from those captured by this video clip on November 5th last year – the day after she was appointed to the Cabinet.

Please visit FRIENDS online action centre to send a message in your own words to impress upon Chandra Arya, your MP just how important it is to deliver on that promise because CBC/SRC is so vital. 

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