Ah, FPTP, how very foul is your mighty stench!

Ah, FPTP, how very foul is your mighty stench!
Posted on January 12, 2016 | James Mihaychuk | Written on January 12, 2016
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Ottawa Citizen

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The Ottawa Citizen Editorial Board is taking a very dubious and illogical stance in favour of Canada's antiquated First Past the Post (FPTP) electoral system. I encourage you to read their somewhat churlish editorial and count up the contradictions, starting with the fact that the Liberal government was elected with a FPTP mandate to ditch FPTP! Apparently, the Citizen holds the election of the Commons, the people's chamber, in such low esteem that they feel safe in their arrogant mockery of any and all attempts at its reform.

P.S. The original title of the Citizen editorial read like Vogon poetry, so I decided to keep up the same style here. - JM

The following was my comment to the online forum at the Citizen web site in response to the Citizen editorial "Ah, first past the post, how lovely you are!" published on January 8th, 2016.

This is like saying that binge drinking is its own cure, or that if the Citizen keeps writing fatuous drivel it will start to make sense. By your own logic, broken or not, the system has given the Liberals a mandate to reform the electoral process. If they don't reform it, the bums will be thrown out. For now, the only thing getting thrown out in our home is the Citizen. You keep begging for digital subscribers. Keep on begging. For now I keep on throwing your anti-democratic posteriors out.


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