Tom Mulcair: A Clear Choice

Tom Mulcair: A Clear Choice
Posted on August 2, 2015 | Unpublished Admin | Written on August 2, 2015
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In this election campaign, Canadians have a clear choice: Four more years of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives or our plan for change.

Travelling across Canada over the past weeks and months with Catherine, I’ve heard the calls for change grow louder.

It’s not hard to see why. Middle-class families are working harder than ever, but they can’t get ahead. Many say Canada is already in another recession. Clearly, Stephen Harper’s plan isn’t working.

We will kick-start the economy and get Canadians back to work. It is our number one priority.

Everywhere I go from St. John’s to Surrey, Canadians tell me they’re ready for a leader who gets what they’re going through. And I do.

Growing up the second oldest of ten kids, my family worked hard for everything we had. It wasn’t easy, but we played by the rules and lived within our means.

We learned the importance of looking out for one another. We stuck together, and we backed up our principles with action. These values guide me as a husband, as a father, and as a grandfather, and they are the values that will guide me as your prime minister.

You’ll have a big role to play in this campaign – ­knocking on doors, signing up new volunteers, and chipping in what you can. It’s all a critical part of the campaign to bring change to Ottawa. And it starts today.


Tom Mulcair
Canada’s New Democrats


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