Stephen Harper: A Serious Decision

Stephen Harper: A Serious Decision
Posted on August 2, 2015 | Unpublished Admin | Written on August 2, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This announcement was made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper earlier today...

Earlier today, I met with His Excellency, the Governor General. The 42nd general election is officially underway. Election Day will be October 19.

This is an election about leadership on the big issues that affect us all: our economy, and our nation’s security.

It is a serious choice between proven, real-world experience and a dangerous approach that has failed before and is failing in other countries.

As Canadians know, today’s global economy remains uncertain. Canada has continued to perform well compared to other G7 countries, but we cannot lose our focus or veer off course.

Managing our economy remains our government’s top priority. Our choices have been prudent and our actions have been disciplined. As a result, our economy and our employment have grown steadily over six years. Our budget is balanced.

Now is not the time for the kinds of hazardous economic schemes that are doing so much damage elsewhere in the world.

This election is also about our security.

The rise of the so-called Islamic State has fuelled a violent, global jihadist movement that poses a direct threat to our friends, our allies, and to Canadians. In Europe, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and ongoing military aggression continues to threaten the peace and stability won at great price by previous generations.

Our government has taken decisive action in response to these threats. We are part of the international coalition against ISIS and at the forefront in the world’s response to Russian aggression.

Now is not the time for political correctness, inexperienced governance or an ideological unwillingness to act. We must face those who threaten us with moral clarity, strength, and resolve.

Between now and Election Day, Canadians will make a critical decision about the direction of our country; a decision with real consequences. A decision about who has the proven experience today to keep our economy strong and our country safe.

This will be one of the most important elections our Party has ever fought. We have assembled an impressive team of candidates all across Canada.

Over the coming weeks I look forward to meeting many of you from coast to coast to coast as we lay out the next steps in our plan.

Thank you,

Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada

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