Mayor Watson misrepresents MPP MacLaren's position on Carp landfill

Mayor Watson misrepresents MPP MacLaren's position on Carp landfill
Posted on October 2, 2013 | Ottawa Taxpayers' Advocacy Group | Written on October 1, 2013


Jack MacLaren, MPP

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

I wrote this letter as a result of comments made by Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson at a Councillor Egli Open House in Ward 9 last week.

Mr Mayor,

Last week you suggested that MPP Maclaren was working against you with respect to the Carp dump issue. Your public comment made at Keith Egli's‎ open house was in response to my question about local MPPs being held responsible for the dump expansion.
I challenged Mr. Maclaren on the issue and as you will note it is very clear that he is on side with municipalities as opposed to the MOE: (See video statement below). Which of course begs the question why you appeared confused on his position?

Now that I have put to rest your concerns with respect to the local Carp MPP, when can we expect your office to call out the rest of Ottawa's MPPs on this issue?

If your office truly objects to the Province's handling of this issue than it only seems reasonable for you to hold them accountable to their constituents.

Thank you for your time,

Kevin MacDonald, President
Ottawa Taxpayers' Advocacy Group

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Good to know. I was at the Open House when the Mayor made what seemed like an odd comment at the time regarding Jack MacLaren's position on this issue. I'm glad Mr. MacLaren has cleared it up and is supporting a municipality's right to manage their own waste.

John Newton

I think a bigger issue is that Canada is spending "23 billion dollars" each year to finance their excessive immigration policies, while 900,000 Canadians line up at food banks "each month". The corruption in this police state country is totally out of control.

Harold Moore

It is true that Jack MacLaren has presented a position on solid waste management in Ontario that is against landfills as a solution. I know because, I was chairman of his committee that developed that position. However when it comes to the new dump at the Carp road site, Jack has said that it is a necessary temporary solution to a current need. I believe this maybe where the Mayors comment came from. First there no such thing as a landfill being temporary. By MOE and Waste Management's own calculations the new dump will have a contamination lifespan of 300 years or more. Also there is no real need for more landfill capacity in Ottawa. In fact the old Carp dump has been closed for over 2 years and there is no garbage crisis to be found.