Open letter to the predator who followed me during my mid-week run

Open letter to the predator who followed me during my mid-week run
Posted on December 26, 2015 | James O'Grady | Written on December 23, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The following is an open letter written by a woman in Toronto that I know. She was jogging recently in her neighborhood when a man in a car began to follow her. What follows is her open letter to him... 

If you are a woman who runs, or care about one who does, please consider sharing my message below.

I prefer to run alone, but I always run in daylight. I change my route to keep things interesting, but I stay on large roads. I wear earbuds, but I am always vigilant.

I have no idea what you were trying to do, but you weren't very subtle, following me for almost 2K, and doubling back 5 times. I know your license plate, your car colour and make, and even what you look like. I've reported you to the police because I know you will probably do this again to some other female runner out there (possibly in my neighbourhood), and I want police to know about you.

I shouldn't have run in front of your car after you tried to cross my path twice. I should have stopped at least one of the people I saw to ask for a phone. Maybe I was lucky and you were just practicing. Well, now I know better, and so do the police and my city councillor's office. I doubt the police can charge you with anything now, but I believe that they will. I will tell everyone I know to remember to be vigilant and to report anything like this as it could save a life.

While I am still wondering if I really did lose you in the end, or if you just gave up, you won't spoil my holiday, and I thought you should know this.  While I am right now hypersensitive about locking the doors while I am in the house, I know that I am safe.

You probably don't even live in my community, but if you do, be warned. We know about you.

If you can, please get some help for yourself.


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