Russia should be banned from international sports competition

Russia should be banned from international sports competition
Posted on February 25, 2022 | Leonard Baak | Written on February 25, 2022
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Dear Minister St. Onge:
I wrote to the IIHF today, copying Hockey Canada (with what addresses I could find), to request a ban on Russia hosting and participating in international sports, due to their invasion of Ukraine this week. I think this is a drastic step particularly with regard to its effects on lawful Russian athletes, who may not approve of their country's criminal actions in Ukraine, but I believe we are faced with a need for truly drastic measures.  
This measure would encourage Russian athletes and sports fans to become bolder in their opposition to their government's criminality. I intend to continue lobbying for such action to go beyond hockey to all international sports. I hope that your ministry might consider doing the same on behalf of all Canadians, many of whom no doubt share the outrage I am feeling today at the Russian invasion of a peaceful neighbour.
Best regards,

Leonard Baak
Stittsville, Ontario

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Leonard Baak is a longtime resident of Stittsville Ontario, a career software developer, and father of two adult children.