Federation of Citizens Associations (FCA) position on truck convoy protest

Federation of Citizens Associations (FCA) position on truck convoy protest
Posted on February 9, 2022 | Alex Cullen | Written on February 9, 2022

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Members of the FCA (representing 74 community associations & citizen groups) have expressed concern over the truck convoy protest illegally blocking city streets and violating the City's noise bylaw. This letter was sent to Ottawa City Council and to the Ottawa Police Services Board.

Dear Editor, Ottawa Citizen:

At the behest of the community associations and citizens groups in Ottawa that make up the Federation of Citizens Associations (FCA), we endorse Ottawa City Council and the Ottawa Police Services in taking action to immediately end the illegal blocking of city streets, to enforce the City's noise bylaw, and to enforce the laws that protect Ottawa residents from hate speech and harassment.

We do recognize the right of all citizens to engage in peaceful demonstrations in Canada. However, protests that engage in illegally blocking streets, creating incessant honking in violation of the City's noise bylaw, and harassing law-abiding citizens and businesses, cannot be tolerated. The ends do not justify these means.

Alex Cullen, 

President FCA

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