Architecture & Dinosaurs!

Architecture & Dinosaurs!
Posted on February 4, 2022 | Damian Piper | Written on February 4, 2022
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Today on the show,

We have an interview with Toon Dreessen. He's an architect here in Ottawa, whose writing frequently appears in the Ottawa Citizen, where he provides valuable insight and explanations about issues that arise in our growing city. Toon is a hybrid of advocate and educator, advocating for strong and accessible design, while taking big concepts and re-packing them into understandable ideas. He's here to tell us why architecture matters.

And Emma Williams is in conversation with Dr. Jordan Mallon, a Palaeontologist from the Canadian Museum of Nature and they're talking all things dinosaurs! Dr. Mallon explains why we can find dinosaur remains in Alberta, the best ways to get fossils out of the ground and how they determine whether a dinosaur had skin, or feathers.

Reading headlines today is Gabrielle Muzychka and Shailee Shah.

Jasmine McKnight with Sports.

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