Fulcrum Radio Show: The Ottawa Beaver Killings, Part 1

Fulcrum Radio Show: The Ottawa Beaver Killings, Part 1
Posted on December 27, 2021 | Damian Piper | Written on December 27, 2021
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The Fulcrum is the University of Ottawa's legendary English newspaper.  The Ottawa Beaver Killings, is an investigative podcast from The Fulcrum Radio Show.

Every year, the City of Ottawa traps and kills beavers. How many beavers do they kill?  Well, the city doesn't seem to know how many beavers are actually killed, but what we do know is the City of Ottawa spent over $150, 000 on trappers last year. So, how many beavers does it take to get to $150, 000?

In part 1 of, The Ottawa Beaver Killings, we speak to Rob Grant over his concerns for the well-being of Lester the beaver in Gloucester, and Donna Dubreuil from the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre. We take a trip out to Stittsville and the TransCanada Trail to meet the Stittsville Landkeepers, Catherine Clysdale, Ann Swanwick and Leslie MacKay. We meet up with Nick Stow, the City of Ottawa’s City Planner. And, Mike Callahan from the Beaver Institute in Massachusetts joins us later. 

Special thank you to Daniel Buckles.

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