Cullen Report on municipal campaign financing in Ottawa, 2005

Cullen Report on municipal campaign financing in Ottawa, 2005
Posted on July 6, 2021 | Guy Talevi | Written on July 6, 2021
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Reforming Ottawa's Municipal Election Finances, by Councillor Alex Culllen (Bay Ward), April 28, 2005: A report on Ottawa's 2003 elections

"In the 2003 municipal election for the City of Ottawa’s 22 council seats (Mayor plus 21 ward councillors) a remarkable thing happened: every incumbent running for re-election succeeded. The incumbent mayor and 15 incumbent ward councillors running were all re-elected, despite competition from 60 other candidates, despite endorsements for certain challengers from the two major newspapers and sundry interest groups. The only new councillors elected were from 6 “open” seats where no incumbent was a contestant.

A review of the 2003 municipal election in Ottawa indicates that there is an uneven playing field in municipal election campaigns, and the clear need for campaign financing reform."

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