Committee says it has no "conclusive" proof chemical weapons were used

Committee says it has no "conclusive" proof chemical weapons were used
Posted on August 29, 2013 | Earle Rheaume | Written on August 29, 2013
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Dear Canadians,

In Canada we believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Until and unless the Syrian government is found guilty of gassing its own citizens, Syria must be found not guilty.
The U.S made this costly mistake when it could not prove that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction but invaded Iraq anyway. Thousands of Iraqi and American citizens were killed wounded and suffered as a result. Let us not make the same mistake again.

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Its a good point Earle, but I saw today on CNN that John Kerry and Barack Obama say the US has proof Syria used sarin gas against its citizens. You can read the article here:

War is hell but chemical weapons take it to a whole different level because they kill indiscriminately. Like Hitler's concentration camps, using chemical weapons is an act of pure evil. Assad will pay for what he has done. I'm just sorry its taken the US this long to take action.

However, I do understand the bigger picture in that a US strike against Syria may be interpreted as an act of war by Russia as well, triggering the beginning of a much larger conflict. I'm sure this is the reason why the US has been hesitant to this point, unlike Libya.

Russia is also probably the reason why NATO has not been mentioned as an option. Now that Poland is a member of NATO, any interaction by NATO in Syria or against any other Russian ally, would give Russia reason to invade Poland, as they have at different times throughout history. Most of Poland is flat and therefore difficult to defend. Russia and Germany (Prussia) have occupied Poland at various times in order to create a buffer around their countries and exploit Poland's resources.

But, enough is enough. We, who believe in freedom for all people can not stand by and watch innocent people be murdered by an individual whose only objective is to maintain his ill-gained power at all cost. Russia knows this. They overthrew their own King (Czar) in 1919. The fact that Russia has allowed chemical weapons to be used in Syria only proves that they have not progressed very far since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.

Its time the West took action to free the Syrian people from this tyrant.

Earle Rheaume


Pointing the finger at the Assad government for allegedly gassing its citizens without positive proof beyond a reasonable doubt could lead to actions by the U.S.and its allies that will cause extreme death and hardship to the Assad government and its people.
When and if one of the following including the Assad government, the Rebels, the Brotherhood or others has been positively proven to be the group that committed this gassing it should be dealt with legally and quickly. Then and not until then should the U.S. government threaten the Syrian government with its rhetoric.